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  • Automatic Rebar Tying Machine BE-RT-40L
  • HC-185|  Hydraulic Crimping tool, Crimping Pliers
  • Portable Split type rebar bender BE-BR-25w
  • Electic Hydraulic Rebar Cutter BE-HRC-20
  • Portable Electric Rebar bender BE-NRB-25
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  • ODGYKM-63-79/120-A| Hydraulic Door Buster
    Product ID: GYKM-63-79/120-A

    Brand Name: BELTON Place of origin:
    Description: Base angle using the special steel manufacturing, can provide great open force. Scope of Application 1. Accident rescue. 2. Especially suitable for residential and commercial buildings, hotels. 3. Open the door quickly. ...
  • ODGYSD-63-14/28-A | Hydraulic Rebar Cutter
    Product ID: GYSD-63-14/28-A

    Brand Name: BELTON Place of origin:
    Description: Using the special steel manufacturing, it can provide 60kn shearing force. Scope of Application Accident rescue, especially it is suitable for traffic accident damage vehicle driving down the indoor cutting operation. Fe ...
  • ODQJ-10  Model Hydraulic Jack Sets
    Product ID: ODQJ-10

    Brand Name: BELTON Place of origin:
    Description: The jack sets is a professional rescue apparatus in dealing with the emergency and rescue accidents. There are four pieces of jacks in one set which is used to hold the heavy things for victims. Scope of Application 1. T ...
  • ODGYKF210/50-A   Hydraulic Slitter
    Product ID: GYKF210/50-A

    Brand Name: BELTON Place of origin:
    Description: 1. Corresponding standard with China GB/T17906-1999. 2. Cylinder uses high strength of lightweight alloy material. 3. System uses German seals, aviation hydraulic oil, can be working at-30℃ to 55℃. 4. Can provide 210 ...
  • ODGYJK-30~33/28(10) | Hydraulic Spreader-Cutter
    Product ID: GYJK-30~33/28(10)

    Brand Name: BELTON Place of origin:
    Description: 1.A tool with shear, expansion and pull function. 2.The multi-function pliers can instead as a cutter and an expansion. Scope of Application Traffic accident rescue, earthquake disaster , relief accident rescue etc. Suit ...
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