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Chapter I: company's policy:
We are constantly learning, innovation and become more professional, more sophisticated.
Learning: continuous learning advanced rescue rescue philosophy of continuous visits to national rescue front, constantly learning and international peers.
    Innovation: More than ten years of professional design engineers.
                      Professional market insight.
                      Strict market management tools.
enterprise products born of the process:
Decision: The service and the market feedback and society, and the State of return.
Innovation: R & D system and product correction system to establish
Information: Vast communication brings the latest market-oriented
Production systems: A powerful production system is the enterprise of the first element of the product
R & D team: First-class R & D team is the cornerstone of our

Chapter II :Business purpose:
Brand from quality, quality from the details.

Chapter III of our philosophy:
1、A management philosophy: rigorous, procedures, efficiency, collaboration
◆ Rigorous: ranging from management to production, extending to the market, the sale of all the work. In every detail taken zero error rate requirements.
Program: Each transaction procedures is to protect the cornerstone of corporate work cycle. From product development objectives, to begin development work, to production, sales, after-sales procedures are in accordance with the implementation of the management to develop:
Planning issues advancing processing is complete reflection (achievements and failures points)
Report form (next similar work completed program booklet).
Efficiency: Market information collection efficiency, production efficiency, staff productivity, customer demand determines the efficiency of the feedback speed of development of the European Shield companies.
      Collaboration with partners: Common win the market, profit margins.
      Collaboration between corporate functions: improving enterprise collaboration system brings healthy functioning mechanism.
      Collaboration among company employees: the wisdom of the people together, that the best solution.
2 、Talent Concept:
Use of personnel: Job seekers have confidence in ourselves, and match the needs of corporate positions, we are concerned about the qualifications but also focus on capacity.
Management of the Road: The completion of each one requires staff autonomous creativity. 100% of the mechanical work done than the results obtained from adding 1% of individuals creation. Autonomous work done, the crux of the work of self-discovery, self finding solutions to the problem.
We follow the corresponding responsibilities and interests, work and personal income corresponds mistakes and punishment correspond.
Elimination mechanism: a fair and reasonable elimination mechanism is a prerequisite to ensure rapid development of enterprises.
When individuals can not follow the pace of business efficiency, the company's business volume decreased due to personal, we need good people to make a replacement. Vigilant is the simultaneous development of enterprises and employees of long-term personal alarm.
Development of space: the efforts of employees of enterprise development. Enterprise development will lead to the improvement of the living standards of workers, improve personal accomplishment, career planning implementation.
In the talent, the talent never any surplus. Staff all work is done. Staff made efforts for enterprise development, corporate giving staff the greatest degree of overall improvement.
◆Staff Responsibility:
   (1)complete their work is a requirement to achieve the benchmark staff.
   (2)self-discovery work is the beginning of self-improvement staff.
   (3)develop a sense of team work is the best way to solve everyone.
We believe that: everyone is a business owner, each level of the work are source of enterprise development.
We promise: the development of enterprises and the source of all, companies will feedback with each one staff member
Shield gained in Europe: not just a job, but with the growth process.
Manager's responsibilities:
   (1)liable for staff's work: the problem has been effectively improved efficiency has been significantly improved.
   (2)responsibility for staff growth: improving the overall quality of staff is my duty.
   (3)the continued development of the enterprise responsible for: establishing individual investors is the business concept. Thinking with the overall approach to the work.
3 、Quality Concept
Defect management principles: start from product decisions, covering the design, development, parts supply, production, quality control, to after-sales tracking.
★ every aspect of each level is to follow a strict management system and norms. Allowed a mistake or doubt arrived the next link.
★ Each link has a perfect preventive mechanisms and treatment measures. These mechanisms and measures to increase as the process improvement and constantly revised, updated.
★ follow the quality point of view: the next process is the customer. On this basis to achieve our product processes.
★ defect of parts supply. So parts into Europe before the shield products, parts undergo strict scrutiny. European approach taken shield parts review target was 100% and 100% pass rate trial.
★ continuous self-test products and strict quality control procedures. Appear in the monomer product point one percent doubt on our quality is substandard. Precise degree of quality control system, the European Shield products to customers before receiving the best protection.
4、The concept of competition:
Improve the quality of service: 100% of the joint efforts of 100% customer satisfaction
Operational efficiency: 100% of 100% of the overall mutual support collaboration
Expansion of market resources: 100% 100% sustainable development of leading products
5 、Market concept:
Pontoon theory: the market is horizontal, the enterprise is pontoon, we must always rely on the market will not sink.
Boats sailing theory: in the enterprise development process, always riding a boat behind.
Thus strengthened Europe shield to innovate, to seek a breakthrough determination. In doing everything today, it is more a look at the future. A good grasp of the opportunities today for tomorrow's goal is our interpretation of the market.
Chapter V Corporate strategic goals
★Target market:
In three years time, so that the same industry in China brand NO 1.
★R & D objectives:
Based on a hydraulic rescue equipment. Further development is the main direction of the next step. Will cover a broader range of hydraulic products.
★Talent objectives:
Independently established HR system, training for the full range of corporate services personnel.
★Social feedback:
The success of our sources and society, our aim is to give back to society. We are committed to:
Provide more jobs, profits for community feedback, product development, rational use of technology in improving the environment ......
Chapter V Our Story
April 14, 2010, a gray Chinese people remember the date. Yushu vibration affects hundreds of millions of Chinese people's heart.
We contacted the Scarlet Letter will, understated donated a batch of hand-held bar-speed breaker used for the fire brigade, which is responsibility, not hype,
The story still continues so quietly ......

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